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Call Center Telecom Services
We've assembled a large portfolio of telecom services for our call center customers.

Do you run an inbound/outbound contact center, telephone answering service or telemarketing service? Use a predictive dialer or fax blaster? Please contact us.

Flat Rate Dedicated Long Distance

Dedicated long distance service employs a T1 link between your phone system and long distance service provider. You pay only for the access loop and long distance usage, but avoid local telephone surcharges such as FSLC/EUCL, LDAC/PICC and LNP.

Flat rate usage pricing is common. You are charged a single (flat) rate for each long distance call type: inbound toll free, outbound 1+, intra-state and inter-state.

Tiered Rate Dedicated Long Distance
With tiered rate usage pricing, you are charged different rates depending on the destination of your calls. Calls to Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) customers, such as Verizon are considered Tier A; having the lowest rates. Tier B providers such as Embarq have higher rates. CLEC’s, such as PaeTec, XO, or Broadview are considered Tier C and have the highest rates.

Tiered rates are used by outbound call centers that analyze or filter call lists. You can reduce effective long distance rate calling only Tier A or B, or by blocking calls to Tier C.

Advanced Toll Free Call Routing

Route inbound toll free calls to different locations based on criteria such as time of day, day of week, day of year, percent allocation, calling party's state, area code, area code and exchange, or on demand. Appropriate for multi-site inbound call centers, retail stores or as part of your disaster recovery plan.

Caller ID Name (CNAM) Management and Revenue Sharing

Do you need to periodically change your outbound Caller ID name? Would it be helpful to use a different Caller ID name for each outbound campaign? Would you like to earn a share of the Caller ID revenue paid by called party's local phone company?

If you run an outbound call center with at least 250,000 minutes per month usage, this service may be a potential fit. You get access to an online web interface, can change your outgoing Caller ID name in near real-time, track outbound calls and see the number of transactions or "Caller ID dips" that generate revenue for you.

Directory Assistance
Designed to reduce cost of local and national directory assistance inquiries and call completion. Program your phone system to dial an alternate toll free or local number for 411 and 1-NPA-555-1212 calls. Appropriate for collection agencies, credit bureaus, search firms and other companies that make a large number of directory assistance calls.

Do Not Call (DNC) Compliance
Do not call compliance can be integrated into your outbound calling operation as a feature of the dialer equipment, an add-on to dedicated long distance service, or an off-line list screening service. Learn more about the FCC Do Not Call Rules.

Do Not Fax and Existing Business Relationship (EBR) Compliance
Do not fax and existing business relationship compliance is commonly implemented with off-line list screening and CRM applications. Learn more about the FCC Do Not Fax rules at Fax Advertising: What You Need to Know.

Hosted Inbound or Outbound Contact Center
For call centers with distributed or home-based agents, companies that prefer lower capital investment, or those needing the flexibility that can come with a hosted solution.

Costs can include set-up fees dependent on configuration and integration requirements, monthly fees based on number of agents, and usage fees for incoming and outgoing calls.

Incoming calls may arrive via toll free or local numbers. Agents may be connected via POTS lines, dedicated T1/PRI service or via VoIP. Outgoing calls may be manually dialed or automatically dialed using a hosted predictive dialer. Many solutions include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications or integrate with off-the-shelf packages.

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