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Wide Area Networks (WAN) Products/Services
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Wide Area Networks (WAN) - Private Lines and MPLS
Connect multiple businesses locations over a private or wide area network (WAN). Many of our clients run voice, video conferencing, or critical enterprise applications on their WAN’s with guaranteed quality of service and security.

If you would like to explore options to connect your sites, please contact us.

T1, DS3, OC3 and OC12 Private Lines (point-to-point circuits)
Private lines are dedicated circuits connecting 2 sites, often referred to as Locations A and Z. Each site has an access loop to a nearby central office or point-of-presence (POP). The private line is completed by an Inter-Office Channel (IOC) between the POP’s.

The cost of a private line includes cost of the access loops to the customer A and Z locations, plus the cost for IOC mileage between POP’s. A few providers offer flat rate intra-state private lines with a fixed cost, no matter the IOC mileage.

International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)

Same as a domestic private line, except that Location Z may be in China, India or elsewhere around the globe. T1 and E1 (European equivalent of a T1 but offers 30 usable channels) IPLC rates have fallen steeply. Increased undersea cable capacity has helped to lower cost of routes to Europe and Asia.

IPLC’s are fairly simple to deploy and may be a good option for small networks. However, if you need to connect multiple locations, support mission critical applications, and don't care to engineer or manage your own route diversity, then MPLS may be a better fit.

Frame Relay Services
Frame relay services connect multiple office locations using a single dedicated access loop from each site to the service provider's frame relay POP. Each site can have one or more Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC’s) for point-to-point connections to other sites.

The cost for frame relay include the access loop, the PVC port or maximum bandwidth, and the Committed Information Rate (CIR) or the minimum bandwidth. Each PVC is guaranteed the minimum CIR bandwidth and can burst up to the maximum port bandwidth.

Frame relay POP’s are widely available around the world and the service had great success in the 1990s. Originally designed to replace private line data networks which require multiple access loops at each site to create a fully meshed network topology.

While not intended to support voice, many organizations have deployed voice networks over frame relay. However, it does not have Class of Service (CoS) differentiation or guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for voice or video. MPLS is a common upgrade path from frame relay and private line networks.

Multi Protocol Layer Switching (MPLS) Networks
MPLS is a potentially good option to replace legacy private line and frame relay networks. Like frame relay, MPLS networks require only a single dedicated access loop at each location. MPLS provides a fully meshed network topology, nodes are addressable using IP addresses and appear to logically adjacent to each other.

MPLS supports multiple Class of Service (CoS) differentiation with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for voice, video, enterprise data or best effort data. Traffic classification and assignment can be quite flexible. CoS differentiation might be implemented using IP addresses, TCP/UDP port numbers, protocol type, IP precedence values or DSCP values.

We are seeing MPLS in two major applications. First is replacement of existing frame relay services or private lines, to reduce complexity of managing a multi-location meshed network. Second is in conjunction with IP PBX phone systems, using a converged MPLS voice and data network. With an IP PBX at each location, businesses can have a single 4-digit dialing plan and no cost for on-net calling.

Metro Ethernet (10 Mbps, 1000 Mbps and 1 Gbps)
Ethernet is gaining popularity as a simpler and potentially lower cost access technology. Ethernet is commonly used for private Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) or Virtual LAN (VLAN) solutions in which all nodes appear to be logically adjacent to each other. Several providers are now offering Internet access over Ethernet. With Ethernet, your costs may be reduced by eliminating need for T1/T3 DSU’s or expensive fiber termination equipment.

For quite some time, Ethernet access was only available in collocation facilities, carrier hotels or lit buildings served by fiber optic networks. This limitation still applies for 1000 Mbps Fast Ethernet or 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet access.

Many more locations now have access to Ethernet over copper using dedicated T1 access loops for bandwidth up to 10 Mbps. Ethernet over copper does have distance limitations.

Please contact us to see if Ethernet is available for your business.

Virtual Private Networks (IP VPN)
IP VPN’s are used for secure, private connections between multiple locations and remote PC’s over the public Internet. A benefit of IP VPN’s is the low cost of public Internet access. However, because traffic travels over a public, shared data network, IP VPN’s can not guarantee latency or delay. Therefore, IP VPN’s may not be suitable for voice over IP (VoIP), video or demanding enterprise data applications.

IP VPN’s are commonly implemented using one of two techniques. The first, IP SEC, requires a software application be installed on each remote PC client. The second, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) remote access, does not require software on each PC.

For added security, many organizations use two-factor strong authentication solutions based on an RSA/ACE server and RSA SecurID Key Fobs. Key Fobs are lightweight, portable hardware tokens suited for a variety of security-conscious environments.

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