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Voice over IP
Voice over IP (VoIP) is a revolutionary technology bringing more effective and efficient communications to business customers. Businesses today see the value in enhancing real-time communications via advanced VoIP technologies to make them more competitive, increase efficiency, reduce costs and save time. With a VoIP solution, customers can come to a single provider to maximize the potential of today's convergence movement.

Just about every carrier out there has a VoIP offering.  These offerings are very reliable and robust.  Most offer very stringent Service Level Agreement’s (SLA’s) that guarantee the quality of your voice and data services.  Quality and reliability have advanced so much in the last couple of years, it is impossible to tell a difference between traditional TDM voice and cutting edge VoIP.

Hosted IP Centrex
Hosted IP Centrex is designed for customers that want all the features of a PBX or Key system without the associated capital, lease, or maintenance costs. All the PBX functionality resides in the carrier’s network. Hosted IP Centrex is a complete turnkey solution including equipment, design, installation, and ongoing maintenance for a flat monthly fee that generally includes unlimited local, toll and long distance calling. These carrier offerings of network-based IP technology provide a full suite of subscriber and administrative features as well as built in disaster recovery.

Virtual Office and Virtual PBX
Virtual office and Virtual PBX are very similar to the Hosted IP Centrex in that the telephone “system” is provided and hosted by the carrier. The difference with the virtual office and virtual PBX is that the carrier answers your call with a professional business greeting and offer menu options for call routing. Calls can be sent to any employee, in any location, anywhere in the world. Unlike a standard PBX, there is no hardware or software to buy or maintain, and similar to Hosted IP Centrex, start up costs start low and stay low.

IP Integrated Access
IP Integrated Access is designed for small– to medium-size business customers that simply need converged voice and data access. This service works with existing Key or PBX systems, thereby eliminating the need to heavily invest in extra equipment. With IP Integrated Access, there is no need for equipment changeover or disruption to services. Depending upon the carrier, circuits can be handed off analog or digital. Customers will not need to retrain employees on any of the calling features or functions, and implementation is transparent to the end-user. IP Integrated Access is a very affordable way to take advantage of VoIP.

IP Trunking
Designed for customer with an IP PBX, IP Trunking service is delivered via a standards-based SIP trunk directly to the customers IP PBX. IP Trunking eliminates the need for analog traditional cards. IP Trunking offers single and multi-site configurations and is certified for use with most equipment manufacturer’s.

With IP Trunking, customers can leverage the carriers IP backbone to access the Public Switched Telephone Network and voice services, allowing more efficient use of their wide area network resources.

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