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Audio, Web and Video Conferencing
Conferencing tools are widely used for 1-on-1 demonstrations, team meetings and large online events. However, industry consolidation, integration of web and VoIP technologies, and complex pricing can complicate the selection of a conferencing solution.

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Audio Conferencing
With toll free reservationless audio conferencing, participants dial a toll free number and you are charged per minute per participant. You can have multiple conference moderators, multiple simultaneous conference calls and impromptu phone meetings 24x7. Get instant access to your own toll free conference toll free call account at 6.9 cents per minute with no minimum usage or monthly charges. Please contact us for volume discounts.

Flat rate audio conferencing allows unlimited conference calls for a fixed monthly price. Participants pay their own long distance charges (i.e., not toll free.) Plans are priced per moderator, based on the maximum number of participants allowed on each call.

Free conferencing services are similar to flat rate plans, in that participants pay their own long distance charges; however, this is the only cost to use the service. Providers make money either through advertising or from a revenue share of the settlement fee from the conferencing provider's local phone company. This type of service is not recommended based on call quality and potential service issues.

Web Conferencing
Web conferencing tools offer a wide range of capabilities. You can push Power Point slides to a remote audience, share individual documents, share your desktop or browser, or even turn over control of your desktop for remote support. Some web conferencing tools let you simulcast one-way audio, others provide two-way VoIP, and many come with an assortment of chat, mark-up and polling features.

WebEx and Live Meeting are likely the most widely known web conferencing solutions, resold and re-branded by many providers. However, other companies such as Global Crossing, Premiere and Raindance have full-featured web conferencing products.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing can be divided into three major categories: traditional ISDN video, IP video and desktop video.

ISDN video conferencing typically uses multiple BRI circuits or a fractional PRI to create a point-to-point video session. Bridging equipment or services are used to join multiple locations into a single multi-point conference.

IP video (also referred to as video over IP) transmits video signals over IP networks. While IP video does work well over the public Internet, higher quality conferences use private IP networks, often MPLS, with quality of service (QoS) suitable for video. Many manufacurers offer both ISDN and IP interfaces on their video conferencing equipment.

IP video service providers offer flat rate video calling, low cost international video conferences, bridging for multi-party conferences and integrated gateway services to connect with legacy ISDN video equipment.

With desktop video, the video camera is attached to your PC to transmit IP video over the public Internet. With your own equipment or software, desktop video can be implemented with no per call costs. Specialty IP video service providers offer add-on features such as online directories, group calls and video messaging. Many web conferencing providers let you add video to online web meetings.

Operator Assisted Conferencing
Automated, reservationless audio conferencing works well for small and impromptu conference calls. However, for large calls (e.g., over 20 participants), important calls with VIPs or calls requiring special services, operator assistance can help make the call proceed more efficiently and professionally.

At the start of a call, operators can greet callers, screen for authorized participants, bridge everyone together when the moderator is ready. During the call an operator can conduct polls, roll calls, facilitate questions and answers, and monitor audio quality.

On-line Events
On-line audio and web events are used for many purposes such as educational webinars, sales presentations, press announcements, all-hands meetings, investor relations calls, or corporate earnings reports. Event services can span a wide scope including event planning, invitations, RSVP or payment processing, material preparation, operator assistance during the call, and post-call wrap-up.

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